Wow! 100 Facebook Likes for!

It’s been just over a week since we launched the store, and we’ve already surpassed a milestone: 100 Facebook “likes!” We truly believe that we’ve got the most unique “Bear Down Arizona” logo in town, and we will continue to add innovative items to the shop as often as possible.

Currently, we’re working on a navy blue Bear Down Arizona shirt, and expect to have it available for purchase online no later than this weekend.  It’ll have the same literal Bear Down Arizona logo, but since the shirt itself will be blue, we’ve switched the logo’s border to red.

Other items that we hope to eventually add to the inventory include hoodies, baseball caps, and polos.  A special thanks goes out to those who have posted links to in their Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds, or on their favorite message boards.  We truly wouldn’t be here without you, so THANK YOU for all that you’ve done.

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